Emory Entrepreneurship & Venture Management aims to spur intellectual growth and curiosity by creating a successful support system and community for students who wish to pursue entrepreneurship at Emory University.


Our vision is to instill a spirit of entrepreneurship in Emory students and assist existing Emory entrepreneurs in taking their startup to the next level. 

Guiding Principles

• We provide resources, support, and mentorship opportunities that add value to those who take advantage of them

• We prioritize internal communication, no message goes unacknowledged in 24 hours - Slack is our holy grail

• We are not afraid to propose extraordinary ideas

• We recognize that every single member, associate or director, has these ideas

• We don’t take no for an answer if we believe in our proposal with full conviction and have the grit for execution

• We value diversity, not just because it’s right but because it truly brings out the most creative, successful outcomes

• Watching entrepreneurially passionate students succeed is the biggest gift we will ever receive

• We are proud to represent our organization, and strive to achieve beyond the set standard

• We take pride in our culture - inclusive, fun, work hard - play harder

• We treat each other, not how we want to be treated but how the other person wants to be treated because that is the key to good relationships

• We are above all else, a family that supports one another in all endeavors, within and beyond eevm




We provide students with the platform, resources and mentorship to build their own company. We start our journey with HackATL in Fall where students can develop their idea into a real business and move on to Excellerator, a selective incubator for promising early stage startups, in Spring.

We understand that mentorship, funding and marketing can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful startup for most college entrepreneurs and hence provide startup capital and marketing consultancy. 

EEVM believes that no entrepreneur is complete without their network. We want you to start building this network in college and at Emory. In the bottom half of the wheel, you can see our community building efforts through multiple diverse avenues.

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