HackATL is EEVM’s flagship business-focused hack-a-thon that takes place each year in Fall. Every year, the event brings together a driven, motivated, and creative group of students to let them immerse completely into an entrepreneurial idea for the weekend. Some students come with teams while others come looking to find people with unique skill sets. EEVM exec sources sponsors, judges, mentors, food, and details all logistics of the event. In just 5 years, HackATL has grown to be the largest business hackathon in the Southeast.

You can get involved with HackATL 2018 starting in the Fall semester, where we will be hosting technical workshops for Emory students before the event in October. Click below to sign up for the HackATL mailing list!




The Excellerator, founded in Spring 2014, is Emory’s idea-stage incubator committed to providing aspiring campus startups with the necessary guidance and resources to develop their business. The intensive 10-week program is designed to address core topics of the startup process like ideation, market discovery and fundraising while enabling teams to produce tangible results along the way. This program culminates with a Demo Day where teams are given the opportunity to pitch to local Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists.




The Innovation Deck is a 24/7 space on Emory’s campus where innovators can come together as a first step to creating a visible community. With its amazing skyline view, newly renovated infrastructure and homely environment, The Deck on the 18th floor of Clairmont Penthouse, attracts innovators and entrepreneurs alike. It serves diverse purposes such as: individual work-space for student entrepreneurs, Innovation Series lunches and discussions, events by Excellerator, Catalyst, and EEVM and is open to use for all other entrepreneurship-related activities.

Do you have any suggestions or thoughts for the Deck? Please let Shelby know! 




Catalyst is a think-tank that facilitates symbiotic relationships between life sciences and business at Emory. We will first educate science and business students about the ideation phase and bring speakers who articulate which ideas can be viable in the business sphere. Then, we will move student groups to workshopping sessions that offer real time advisory from public health officials, researchers, professors, and healthcare startups in the Atlanta area. In this way, Catalyst will bridge the knowledge gap at Emory between life science, pre-med and business students and target scientific solutions.

If you would like to get involved, please contact Ankita.




IQ Magazine is an online platform that aims to create a virtual community of entrepreneurial and innovative thought-leaders. The magazine includes current entrepreneurship related events on campus and in Atlanta, Op-Eds written by students, short blogs, and articles on current news. IQ Magazine also includes informational videos that explain relevant concepts, for example the processes that involve creating a startup, the rise of blockchain technology, and even workshops on how to design a logo.

If you are interested in submitting an article for IQ, please contact Muskaan.




Ox-Ventures is an organization dedicated to fostering an environment of entrepreneurship and practical skill development among freshman and sophomore students at Oxford College.


envisions (1).png


Envisions is EEVM’s human-centered design division. Human-centered design is the process of understanding the needs of the people, then developing innovative solutions through design. Our goal is to work on projects for small businesses and startups in Atlanta. We will compile all our projects on Envisions’ Behance page to establish a strong presence online.

Please contact Yun Ji for any questions or thoughts!