HackATL is the most prominent business hackathon in the Southeast, attracting 1,500+ students from leading business and technology programs across the globe since 2013. Our mission is to challenge aspiring entrepreneurs to craft innovative prototypes tackling the world’s most pressing issues – in 48 hours.


To continue the entrepreneurial spirit of the past 11 years, we want to inspire our hackers to think unconventionally and collaboratively. A perfect representation of this is Graffiti.

Graffiti artists push the boundaries of traditional art; entrepreneurs challenge the conventions of existing business. Graffiti artists turn their surroundings into beauty; entrepreneurs transform problems into opportunities. Graffiti artists turn artistic ideas into murals; entrepreneurs translate passions and visions into tangible impact. Historically, graffiti has also shined a light on the voices of underrepresented communities.

As one of the biggest business hackathons, HackATL continually unites diverse contestants to collaborate and voice out their message to society by building businesses that improve people’s lives. For HackATL 2023, we challenge our hackers to think like a graffiti artist: embrace the unconventional to dream and deliver this generation’s unicorn startups. Together with others, paint your mark on society.


HackATL would not be possible without help from our sponsors. Consider becoming a sponsor to support our efforts. Whether you are a company, recruiter, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, or non-profit organization, we'd love to work with you to make HackATL 2023 the best one yet.

For more information, reach out to Silvia Lee at silvia.lee@emory.edu or Carolyn Han at chan59@emory.edu.


We're currently working on finalizing our schedule for 2023. For reference, it will be pretty similar to last year's ↓


10 years. 2,500+ participants. $75,000+ prizes. Learn more about past hackathons here.