Hey, I’m Devan and I lead the Technology team here at EEVM. Our team is looking to grow by two this Fall semester. Allow me to share why I think you can do the most meaningful work of your college career with us:

The work you see today is just a glimpse of what we’ll create together. The bones are strong, but it’s a C+ at best when it comes to vision and execution. You will help move us up to an A within the next year. We hope that excites you as much as it excites us.

Our work as a Technology team is important to get right – we represent an entire school’s entrepreneurship technology arm. When people look up Emory Entrepreneurship, they will see our work. We should aim to inspire students by doing great work ourselves.


We bet on slope over intercept but are admittedly bias towards people who have prior experience building things. We say “things” intentionally; it’s ambiguous & we like that.

Successful candidates will be those who have the mindset and toolkit of a product engineer and/or product designer. Maybe you're someone who likes tinkering in SwiftUI or prototyping in Origami Studio. Maybe you have no idea what those two things are, and that’s ok too.

A successful candidate will be someone who is eager to learn and share what they already know about building exceptional things.


Our team has three operating principles:

(1) If we can’t full-send something, we say no to it. We rather do a few things great than many things mediocre. This is hard because it entails saying no to teammates.

(2) We welcome all ideas no matter how silly. We aim to create a building environment such that every person feels empowered to share any and all ideas.

(3) We ship fast and iterative. Every person has the ability to ship whatever they want whenever they want.


There is no mandatory attendance or chasing people down for work on our team. We’re all adults and many of us will go on to do great things. We know that and choose not to give off a negative impression to those we work with.

As for specifics, we hold a 30 minute meeting every other week. Whether you show up or not is your choice, but people tend to show up to these because we are a small and fun team.


We're currently five people:

Devan Patel

Product Designer at Various

Lindsay Esterman

Product Designer at Neo

Mei Deng

Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs

Selma Hassan

Financial Analyst at AMEX

Zach Cheng

Business Analyst at T-Mobile