We are our people.

Our team is composed of finance majors who design and pre-med students who understand the difference between React Native and Flutter. We value diversity in every aspect of the word, and encourage you to learn more about our commitment to it by chatting with our team. Reach out to contact@eevm.org to be put in touch.

Hello, this is my introduction!

Sofia Yang


Hello, this is my introduction!

Penelope Gallardo


Hello, this is my introduction!

Cate Navarrete

Executive VP

Hello, this is my introduction!

Meher Jain

HackATL Director

Hello, this is my introduction!

James Liang

HackATL Director

Hello, this is my introduction!

Patrick Latting

Corporate Director

Hello! I’m Sarah, a freshman at Emory, and Vice President of EEVM’s IGNITE.

INGITE is a close-knit community of like-minded, passionate Emory aspiring entrepreneurs. Through IGNITE, we provide community and educational opportunities to anyone interested in exploring entrepreneurship at Emory. We host monthly Startup Hangouts and Entrepreneurship Education Sessions, aiming to foster an environment where all entrepreneurship enthusiasts on campus can connect and hear from experienced founders and investors in the Atlanta startup ecosystem.

Sarah Hao

Ignite VP

Hi There! I’m Lena, the Marketing & Design Director for EEVM.

EEVM has a unique mission in that we unite diverse individuals passionate about entrepreneurship and provide them with the resources to succeed.

From brainstorming to execution, Marketing & Design is in charge of spreading the word of our events and providing content to share to the broader entrepreneur & student community across many platforms. Through our initiatives, we hope to inspire visionaries and dreamers to pursue entrepreneurship.

Lena Jae

Marketing & Design Director

Hello, this is my introduction!

Rachel Gai

IQ Director

Hello, this is my introduction!

Miranda Gentin

Finance Director

Hey all, I’m Lindsay and I lead the Technology team here at EEVM.

I've previously worked on product and engineering @ Neo, Tara AI (YC W15), and Shimmer (YC S21). Also doing some investing with Dorm Room Fund.

Tech focuses on building cool stuff. For EEVM and Emory students. We're looking to recruit a couple folks so if you're a builder, come join us. We bet on slope over intercept but are admittedly bias towards people with prior experience. Chat with us to learn more!

Lindsay Esterman

Tech Director